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Update on Technology & Treasury


Finance and Treasury Management have rarely had it so difficult. Their critical need to be constantly prepared is being compounded by recent regulatory shifts, technological developments, and, in many cases, large chang...

The Future of Banking at Money 2020


The Future of Banking The journey from unbundling to rebundling and back has been a formidable one. Emerging technologies and the pace of innovation are driving changes throughout the banking industry at an unprecedented...

Inside Accenture’s London FinTech Innovation Lab


Meet Accenture's 2019 cohort ready to shape tomorrow's technology. Globally, Accenture’s FinTech Innovation lab has achieved some impressive results, incubating 184 startups, and raising $1,464m since it’s 2012 inception...

Fintech Nation: Hungary


Perhaps not the first place to be considered as a hotspot for fintech activity, Hungary and its capital, Budapest, are making headway in developing products and services for the country’s fledgling financial sector a...

Hackathons: Tapping into Tech Talent


Time-limited events in which teams of developers compete to address challenges and provide solutions to complex problems – are proving to be a great method of bringing top talent to the fore, not least in the field of fi...

How Malta became Blockchain Island


More than just an island for sun-seeking holidaymakers, Malta is building on its reputation as a hub for e-gaming and setting out its stall as a prime location for fintech innovation. You would be forgiven if your first...

7 things for firms to consider before taking the plunge into AI


Globally ranked influencer and AI expert Mark Lynd runs through the issues that financial organizations should weigh up before rushing into the technology – and the potential pitfalls for those that don’t. AI is...

Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab on its hopes for 2019


is proud to cover With the start of the 2019 Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab Session only weeks away, DisruptionBanking sits down with the London team to learn more. You are in your 7th edition, an impr...

Reinventing the FICO score


Experian, FICO and Fincity have joined forces to create a new credit scoring technology designed for thin-file customers. The new score, named UltraFICO score, leverages consumer-permissioned account data...

What is Corda?


A run-through of the second largest blockchain enterprise platform. As visible by the kaleidoscope of projects and usage pilots underway, public blockchains have the possibility to offer unrivalled levels of interaction...

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