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    Bigger Not Always Better for Bank Cyber Risk Scores


    Fitch Ratings-New York/London/Chicago-13 April 2021: Big banks are not automatically well equipped to combat the rapidly growing problem of cybercrimes, according to a new Fitch Ratings report. “Exploring Bank Cybersecu...

    HSBC Innovates Transaction Monitoring with Featurespace to Win the Celent 2021 Model Risk Manager Award


    LONDON, ATLANTA and SINGAPORE, March 12, 2021 - Celent, the leading research and advisory firm focused on technology for financial institutions globally, has named HSBC as the winner of its Model Risk Manager Award for...

    PwC response to Kalifa Review of UK Fintech


    The focus this week might be on the UK budget announcements, but those in Fintech and the wider Tech market will have been following the suggestions submitted by Ron Kalifa OBE as well.

    How can banks better address ALM in 2021?


    The Covid-19 pandemic continues to create many challenges for corporate governance teams. With ongoing lockdown restrictions meaning the vast majority of traders are currently working from home, it is very difficult for...

    Will Inflation be the Big Disruptor for Fixed Income in 2021?


    With Bitcoin soaring over the festive period, it’s been easy to overlook concerns about Inflation. Should Fixed Income teams in Banks worry about Inflation in 2021? The answer is a definite ‘Yes’. But perhaps not why yo...

    Crisis puts shadow banks on regulators’ radars

    Michel Barnier has had his hands full in recent years representing the European Union (EU) in the tortuous Brexit discussions with the bothersome Brits. But before that, he was a European commissioner with a differe...

    AMLT Crypto Alert of the Week


    AML solutions for the Cryptocurrency market Report provided by Coinfirm Welcome to the Crypto Alert of the Week series by AMLT, a series dedicated to documenting interesting or high profile frauds/hacks...

    Crypto Alert Series: Exit Scams


    Welcome to the Crypto Alert of the Week series by AMLT, a series dedicated to documenting interesting or high profile frauds/hacks which recently happened and have been reported into the AMLT Network. This week we cover...

    Crypto Alert: Cryptocurrency multipliers


    With a constant influx of new, inexperienced, and sometimes downright greedy users looking for a quick return, many fraudsters have been attracted to the cryptocurrency market. One of the most simple yet common types is...

    What an industry could learn from a crypto exchange break-in


    As recent hacks into crypto exchanges have shown, the methods of cyber criminals change rapidly, and firms require constant vigilance and planning to defend against their attacks. Rob Dartnall, Director of Intelligence a...

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