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    FinTech ‘Origin’ launches Airbrush in collaboration with LuxSe and Clearstream

    With stories about the recent acquisition of Refinitiv by the London Stock Exchange still trending in the news. It should be no surprise to see that smaller stock exchanges like the ‘Bourse de Luxembourg’ or Luxembourg...

    Digital Banking in South East Asia with Statrys


    The eight virtual banking licences issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) last year were hot tickets for the city’s fledgling fintech sector. They not only spawned a new generation of licensed digital banks t...

    What is Corda?


    A run-through of the second largest blockchain enterprise platform. As visible by the kaleidoscope of projects and usage pilots underway, public blockchains have the possibility to offer unrivalled levels of interaction...

    Corda launches new Voltron open platform


    Trade finance solution Voltron launched The Voltron initiative has launched an open platform for documentary trade, targeting production on R3’s Corda Enterprise blockchain platform.  But what is Voltron? Voltron’...

    Rubrik on the importance of data management


    Secondary storage may not have the same appealing ring as AI or blockchain, but the sector constitutes the much-required backbone for enterprises, is valued at $60 billion USD and – according to fintech firm Rubrik – was...

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