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How the grandmasters of machine learning can keep you competitive in a new era of quantitative finance

When Sir Francis Bacon in 1597 put to paper the age-old aphorism that “knowledge is power”, he could not have anticipated quite how powerful intelligence and data would become, and how the nature of knowledge itself has...

The Quantum Dilemma that Banks Must Face


The topic of quantum computing keeps coming up more and more as time goes by. Stories have abounded about Google and Microsoft solving their Quantum Dilemmas, and the Chinese also achieving quantum computer supremacy. H...

Bill Gates joins the speaker list for next week’s Singapore Fintech Festival


Another week, another distinguished speaker is announced by the organizers of the Singapore Fintech Festival 2020. And speakers don't get much more influential than Bill Gates. Except, that he might not be travelling to...

7 things for firms to consider before taking the plunge into AI


Globally ranked influencer and AI expert Mark Lynd runs through the issues that financial organizations should weigh up before rushing into the technology – and the potential pitfalls for those that don’t. AI is...

Rubrik on the importance of data management


Secondary storage may not have the same appealing ring as AI or blockchain, but the sector constitutes the much-required backbone for enterprises, is valued at $60 billion USD and – according to fintech firm Rubrik – was...

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