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Stock Markets in China look Bearish, should you worry?


Many of us have been observing the dip in equities markets in China this week. Stock Markets in Hong Kong and Shanghai have both been dropping on consecutive days, while Shenzhen has also dropped, although not as badly....

How the grandmasters of machine learning can keep you competitive in a new era of quantitative finance

When Sir Francis Bacon in 1597 put to paper the age-old aphorism that “knowledge is power”, he could not have anticipated quite how powerful intelligence and data would become, and how the nature of knowledge itself has...

Joining the Conversation


Banking, like every other industry, is feeling the pressure to adjust to the age of instant gratification. This need for immediate delivery and satisfaction is pushing out old systems and practices to replace them with n...

The story of Israel’s Silicon Wadi


Today, Oracle, Apple, Amazon, SAP, Cisco, Microsoft and Motorola are among the big names making their presence felt in Israel’s booming tech market. IBM is also part of this number, boasting three research and developmen...

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