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Onyx, driving digital transformation at JPMorgan


Beyond the proponents of DeFi and cryptocurrency, some of the largest financial institutions have also been represented at this year’s Singapore Fintech Festival. In a panel discussion titled "Web 3.0 in Corporate Banki...

The Capital Markets solution, that represents Fintech Rockstars


Despite their heavy investment in technology recently, big investment banks still lag behind Big Tech when it comes to innovation. They are often locked into old systems with overpriced and outdated software providers....

The Seven Most Influential Disruptors of Investment Banking in 2021 so Far


Disruptors can come in many different forms or shapes. They can be individuals or things including trends, and even social media groups. In our story today, we discuss the seven major influential disruptors of investme...

Innovation in Illiquid Credit Portfolio Management solutions

The subject of Illiquid Credit is perhaps not popular on many news channels, but it is an area of investment banking that is open to innovation just like many others. Investment banking that is often linked to Real E...

Pioneering Finance; Banking on Quantum


As we progress to smaller and faster circuits, we are gradually reaching the physical limits of materials and indeed some might say Moore’s law, and beginning to cross the threshold of applying the classical laws of phy...

Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab on its hopes for 2019


is proud to cover With the start of the 2019 Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab Session only weeks away, DisruptionBanking sits down with the London team to learn more. You are in your 7th edition, an impr...

Princesse Gisela of Liechtenstein discusses Crypto


It was recently reported that Goldman Sachs has suspended its plans for a cryptocurrency trading desk. According to Vitalik Buterin, the developer of Ethereum, a blockchain platform that runs on the Ether cryptocurrency...

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