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Peak Financial Services 2019 Year in Review


(Press Release) Budapest, 27th January 2020 - Many successful years stand behind the first Hungarian fintech company, Peak Financial Services and the year of 2019 brought new excitements. In past years, the role...

The One-Stop Shop for getting into the Fintech game, Peak


A running discussion amongst the Fintech community is whether new Fintech startups will ‘eat the lunch’ of large Financial Institutions (FI), or would the relationship between the two more resemble a partnership with th...

Rakuten Viber launches instant money transfer service powered by Mastercard


Soon Rakuten Viber users will be able to easily send money to each other using a brand new feature available in the Viber mobile app. The new service, named “Moneytou”, has been developed in Hungary and will initially o...

Hungarian Fintech Market Research- DisruptionBanking


Hungary is starting to see a resurgence of innovation in the country, with most startups based in and around Budapest. Although there remain certain hurdles to overcome internally, a great number of companies and invest...

Budapest’s most sought after UX creator


DisruptionBanking interviews Dr András Rung, CEO and founder of Budapest-based UX designers Ergomania, on their rise from two-man-startup to leading partner for banks and fintechs across Europe. Ergomania’s team has...

Erste and Cellum partner for e-payments solution


Budapest – 2019. May 6. – Erste MobilePay is stepping it up a notch. Thanks to the expertise of Cellum’s software engineers, the recently upgraded application will now have NFC (near-field communication) function. As of...

How Hungary’s National Monetary Bank digitalized


It was a hard nut to crack, but the MNB can now be reached digitally by the market. Starting from January of last year, nearly thirty thousand applicants a year can communicate digitally since the legal deadline for the...

Fintech Nation: Hungary


Perhaps not the first place to be considered as a hotspot for fintech activity, Hungary and its capital, Budapest, are making headway in developing products and services for the country’s fledgling financial sector a...

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