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How is the price of gold reacting to increased inflation?


With global economies now reopening after various Covid-related lockdowns, inflation has become a major concern for central banks. Whilst the rate of inflation in the UK eased in July, it is widely expected to accelerat...

Inflation is out of control – UK rapidly approaching new 3% target


14th July 2021 - Jason Cozens, Founder & CEO of Glint, says: "When will those in power admit that inflation is out of control? UK inflation is spiralling upwards, already at a three year high with no signs of slo...

Gold-based fintech Glint passes major milestone as it processes over $250m in total transactions since launch


Follows recent 32% growth in client numbers during 2021 Growing consumer appetite for alternatives to fiat currency including gold and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Successful US & UK crowdfunding campaign ongoin...

Gold-based fintech Glint smashes crowdfunding target securing over £3m ($4m) – 151% of target raised as Seedrs fundraising closes in UK


Crowdfunding is still open to US investors via the Republic platform Almost 1,200 investors join Glint’s payments revolution as consumer appetite for alternatives to fiat currencies grows  Follows recent 32% growth in c...

68% of savers don’t trust banks to protect their money – shift towards alternatives currencies as store of value gathers pace


55% of survey respondents opting to save in gold due to distrust of banking system Gold is up 5% since March 2021 trough whilst other alternative currencies falter – Bitcoin’s value down 42% since April high ...

Bitcoin Never Sleeps, can the Regulators and Investors afford to?


The problem with Crypto is that you have very little time to rest. Unlike Tesla shares, Bitcoin’s prices can fluctuate on Saturday night, Friday after work and even on Sunday when you are out taking a walk. Bitcoin Neve...

Everything that Gleams isn’t Glint, the Challenger Democratizing Gold


In 2018 #DisruptionBanking interviewed the founders of Glint, the Challenger Bank who are instigating a Gold revival. Back then they were pioneering how to turn Gold into a payment method. Today they have proved the con...

Glint instigates gold revival


Innovative startup Glint aims to create a modernday gold rush by making it easier for to acquire the precious metal and turn it into a payment method. Ploughing funds into a plethora of cryptocurrencies may be all the ra...

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