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Brazilians see crypto as tool to diversify risks of local stocks, cash


By David Whitehouse El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin as legal tender has left many Brazilians wanting the same. Legislation passed in June made El Salvador the world’s first country to recognise a digital cu...

Nethone’s report on the E-Commerce threat landscape


Nethone, a leading anti-fraud service provider released a report last week taking a look at the global E-Commerce threat landscape. The Fintech startup, founded in 2016, looks to prevent fraud from occurring in the f...

The Evolution of Fraud and Dark Web Data Trading


Fraud has always been a problem since the dawn of evolution, in nature it can be seen in many places, for instance, in the patterns seen on harmless snakes that mimic those of extremely poisonous ones. Or when a wolf wi...

What are Fraud Analytics?


Surges of interest in AI and machine learning have brought Fraud Analytics to the forefront of media debates. In this blog post, we explain their usage and particularly how they will operate in the open banking revolutio...

Crypto Alert Series: The crypto wallet


The issue was identified at 9:50 am however, by that time already over 200 ETH was sent to a 'random' address (0xc33b16198dd9fb3bb342d8119694f94adfcdca23) by Ledger Nano customers. Ledger then announced that it does not...

Crypto Alert Series: Using AMLT Software to fight social media phishing


Welcome to The Crypto Alert of the Week series by AMLT, a series dedicated to documenting interesting or high profile frauds/hacks that recently happened and have been reported into the AMLT Network. In a previous Coinf...

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