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Brexit fallout: is the EU’s financial services future in-Seine?


When you want footloose international capital to ‘Choose France’ – as the marketing slogan urges – it’s helpful when your cheerleader is a former banker.Emmanuel Macron famously worked for blue-blooded investment bank R...

AMLA matters: EU presents anti-money laundering package


How much cash is it reasonable for people to carry around? It’s a live question for European Union (EU) policymakers, who last week presented a plan to introduce a limit of €10,000 on cash payments as part of a signific...

Brexit fallout: Dublin ‘winning’… but are we all losing?


As day turned into night on 23 June 2016, Dublin’s politicos headed to McGrattans pub to watch the results of the UK’s referendum on European Union membership broadcast across the Irish Sea. The gathering, held at th...

Italian and German Banking Associations submit proposals to support European economic recovery


It’s only been a few days since Super Mario took the helm of the 3rd largest economy in the EU, Italy. And, seemingly unrelated, today the Italian Banking Association (ABI) and the German Banking Industry Committee (GBI...

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