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How is Hungary strengthening its Cooperation with Singapore & FinTech?


When it comes to Hungary most people might think of good wine, the beautiful views of Budapest or perhaps paprika. It’s not necessarily FinTech though. Yesterday the organizers of the Singapore Fintech Festival, the Mon...

Talking about UX Design with Ergomania from Hungary

On a lovely Summer day in Amsterdam back in June 2019, hot on the heels of a marathon 3-day Money 2020 event the editorial team of #DisruptionBanking met some of the most innovative players of the Fintech scene at the K...

Hungarian Fintech Market Research- DisruptionBanking


Hungary is starting to see a resurgence of innovation in the country, with most startups based in and around Budapest. Although there remain certain hurdles to overcome internally, a great number of companies and invest...

Budapest’s most sought after UX creator


DisruptionBanking interviews Dr András Rung, CEO and founder of Budapest-based UX designers Ergomania, on their rise from two-man-startup to leading partner for banks and fintechs across Europe. Ergomania’s team has...

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