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Privacy-preserving credit checks may drive growth in uncollaterised DeFi


By Adi Ben-Ari, Founder and CEO, Applied Blockchain Since the year dot, the use of collateral has underpinned both borrowing and credit, a form of insurance for the lender against default that has through the ages oi...

The Crypto Diary of a Hodler


The #DisruptionBanking Editorial team submit an entirely fictional account of Jon, the #Bitcoin Hodler. January 2021 Jon had been watching CryptosRUs on YouTube again. He had spent hours following what users had b...

Is Tesla facing its DeLorean Moment in China?


Back in late 2019, the first Chinese-made Tesla Model 3 was produced in Tesla’s new Shanghai Gigafactory. It took just 168 working days from attaining permits to opening production in the new plant. The initial plans...

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