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What is key to transformation on a corporate level?

December 10, 2018

No one is clueless to the difficulties which make change of any kind a slow-moving process in the legacy sector of finance. But, according to some, a touch of persuasive creativity may be the missing ingredient when&nbsp...

London’s Fintech Connect Conference

November 26, 2018

WE PROUDLY MEDIA PARTNER WITH FINTECH CONNECT  TO BRING OUR READERS THE FRESHEST OPINIONS IN THE INDUSTRY. What’s on this year at The UK’s largest FinTech conference and tradeshow 250+ industry thought...

Malta Blockchain Summit

October 10, 2018

WE PROUDLY MEDIA PARTNER 1-2 NOVEMBER 2018  Malta Blockchain Summit is November's melting pot event for global influencers in the innovation, democracy and ethics behind financial technology. Expect riveting d...

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