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Stock Markets in China look Bearish, should you worry?


Many of us have been observing the dip in equities markets in China this week. Stock Markets in Hong Kong and Shanghai have both been dropping on consecutive days, while Shenzhen has also dropped, although not as badly....

As Bitcoin nears $1 trillion market cap, can comparing Crypto to Forex trading help understand what next?


While many observers have been looking on with astonishment as Bitcoin hit $50,000 this week, others are looking at a different story related to the Currency – how it will imminently have a market cap of $1 trillion....

Climate Emergency on the Agenda for Wall Street


The focus on sustainability and ESG in 2021 is clear for everyone to see. The rather controversial riots in the U.S., followed on by nationwide protests across Russia was not something we had predicted, though. Climate...

Talking about Regulations & Technology with NICE Actimize

We have seen huge fluctuations in capital markets throughout 2020. To keep the markets open throughout the lockdown, companies had to move masses of employees to work from home creating a whole new list of regulatory re...

Sequoia’s Saplings, Robinhood and the rise of the Crypto Hedge Fund


In October 2019 the legend that is Don Valentine passed away in California. His first steps into Venture Capital were back in 1974 when he started working with Atari and Apple, one of which will be very familiar with al...

EU + ESG: set for a great leap forwards?


NFRD. SFDR. GRI. SASB. EFRAG. ESG itself. The initialisms keep coming – and are increasingly front of mind in the banking industry - as the lexicon surrounding environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting evolve...

Can Aladdin’s ESG issues Save the Climate?


Is there a Facebook, UBER, Tesla or Microsoft of Finance? Is there a Google, Netflix, Amazon or Apple of Funds Administration? Apart from some of the familiar investment banking names, there are 3 Main players in the gl...

BlackRock set to acquire eFront


Blackrock has announced a binding offer for 100 % of the equity interests in eFront for $1.3 billion in cash. Following completion of the notification and consultation process, the parties are expected to enter into a de...

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