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Crypto Alert Series: Anatomy of a $650k token theft


This week’s crypto alert of the week is about the hack of a well recognized token worth around $650k at the time. Recently a renowned token (we chose not to name them) was recently hacked and the token team came to Coin...

CoinGate discusses the dream of crypto payments


As the adoption of cryptocurrencies gathers pace, the means by which businesses and their customers can buy and exchange Bitcoin and altcoins, and use them to make payments, is becoming increasingly important. Among the...

Distributed ledger technology and the London Football Exchange


With the aid of blockchain technology, the London Football Exchange promises to transform how football clubs engage with their fans In myriad ways, professional football (‘soccer’ to those English speakers outside the UK...

The Fintech Guide to Singapore


Singapore is a big thing at the mention, not to mention a hot startup hub. Ever wondered why? Singapore, as a colony, was founded in 1819 as a trading post of the British East India Company. By 1965 it gained independenc...

Estonia; the Best Kept Startup Secret


Beyond the picturesque architecture and cobbled streets of Tallinn – Estonia’s vibrant capital city – activity is abuzz. Speak to proud locals, and they’ll tell you that Tallinn can compete with big hitters Prague and K...

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