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Survey on the Access to Finance of Enterprises in the euro area: small businesses continue to report declines in turnover and profits, but activity expected to improve

Press Release

SME turnover and profits continued to deteriorate, but business activity expected to improveAvailability of external finance improved marginally, but not for t...

IOSCO to launch 2021 World Investor Week to promote investor education

Press Release

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) is preparing to launch its fifth annual World Investor Week (WIW) from 4 to 10 October 2021. L...

How GoodDollar is using UBI to create a Parallel Economy


The idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is far from new. It is now over five hundred years since Sir Thomas More quipped in Utopia (1516) that ‘no penalty o...

Talking about Regional Trends Disrupting Banking at Fintech-Aviv

Each year, the Israeli Tech ecosystem gets louder. Each year, more and more people are gaining awareness of the sophistication of tech coming out of Israel. Ea...

FINOS’ New Silver Members Pave the Way for Further Commercial Open Source Adoption in Financial Services

Press Release

Canonical, Databricks and Codethink bring deep expertise in solving enterprise challenges through an open source business model as fintechs increasingly look t...

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