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    What would Junius Spencer Morgan make of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence?

    Junius Spencer Morgan, the father of John Pierpont Morgan of JP Morgan passed away in 1890, little did Junius know that 130 years later modern banking would ha...

    Why is Deutsche Bank Spending so Much on Tech?


    According to the Standard and Poors Market Intelligence Team Deutsche Bank is the 21st largest bank in the world, dropping from 17th position last year. Losing...

    A View To A Coffee #suisse

    Switzerland is home to two internationally renowned Banks – UBS and Credit Suisse. UBS is the largest wealth manager in the world (according to the FT) with ov...

    Tallinn stories: dispatches from Estonia


    ‘Get out of your garage and meet like-minded start-up people’ urges the Palo Alto Club. The venue is not a hipster hangout in the famous Silicon Valley city th...

    Talking Retail Banking and Data with Dateio in Czech Republic

    #DisruptionBanking welcomes you to our newest edition of #DisruptionChat where this week we sat down with Ivan Dovica from Dateio to discuss Bunq, Fintech and...

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