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    Speculative fictions: GameStop, Bitcoin and beyond

    Investors are reportedly making fortunes from their sofa using online trading apps to pursue highly speculative assets and trading strategies. Many experts don...

    SPACs, Wall Street’s next dot com bubble?

    SPAC, yet another abbreviation that has become ‘famous’ recently; is a special purpose acquisition company that helps to take companies public without going th...

    The Safe Haven – 10 months of using Glint!


    With Inflation on the horizon, fiat currencies are forecasted to devalue, while Gold continues to be the safe option, the safe haven for those who are less tru...

    sync & Nordigen combine to offer Europe’s most advanced budgeting tools


    As consumers, many of us are already familiar with the concept of banks helping us keep track of our card spending. With Open Banking helping new FinTechs grow...

    Smoooth Dogg’s Klarna on the radar for the FCA


    A story appeared on Twitter just over two years ago about how Snoop Dogg, who turned into ‘Smoooth Dogg’, became an investor in Swedish payment provider Klarna...

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