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Digital Banking in South East Asia with Statrys


The eight virtual banking licences issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) last year were hot tickets for the city’s fledgling fintech sector. They n...

Does Scottish fintech promise the return of ‘Silicon Glen’?


Ask international financiers about Scotland and they’ll probably bring up one of two memories – RBS’ collapse into public ownership during the 2008 Crash; and...

Talking about The Quant Conference (virtually) with Nikita Fadeev

#WeAreEvents is a new trend online that you may be interested to follow. Finding a good Conference to attend as a Quant is challenging at the best of times, wi...

Talking dirty: the EU talks tough on AML


One recurring curiosity during the pandemic has been the extent to which banknotes are able to transmit coronavirus. Is money ‘dirty’? While opinions differ, w...

Talking about the Digital Twin of an Organization and Modelling with Olga Venosa from EQV

Modelling Risk is something that many in financial services treat now as commonplace. The problem is when someone has to check the models and provide the relev...

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