Russian Northern Sea Route opening raises dangers of Arctic environment disaster

Sustainability ESG

Record high temperatures clocked in Arctic Russia in June and July raise the prospect that the Northern Sea Route (NSR) will become navigable faster than expected. The temperatures also increase the risks of a major eco...

How can banks finance the transition to net zero?

Sustainability ESG

Last month, the UK hosted the latest G7 summit in Cornwall. With the world leaders of some of the world’s largest economies gathered on British soil, the prime minister used the opportunity to promote “a global Green In...

Responsible gold sourcing and the long road from DRC to Dubai

Sustainability ESG

By David Whitehouse Attempts by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) to achieve responsible gold sourcing will founder unless it can get to grips with east African supply chains used to move conflict gold in...

Ghana’s sustainable bonds will help government finances more than environment

Sustainability ESG

Ghana’s forthcoming sale of $1 billion in sustainable bonds is likely to succeed – but may deliver less in terms of ESG impact than lenders hope. The sale, planned for July, is billed as Africa’s first sale of “socia...

Bank of America Increases Environmental Business Initiative Target to $1 Trillion by 2030

Sustainability ESG

Significant Increase from $300 Billion Target by 2030 set in 2019 Company Also Sets Broader SDG-Focused Sustainable Finance Target of $1.5 Trillion by 2030 Bank of America today announced a goal of deploying and m...

Assessing the Sustainability practices of Banks – Mazars launches annual Study

Sustainability ESG

Much of the focus of the recent Davos Forum in Switzerland covered the topic of Sustainability practices amongst leading banks and financial services providers. The main speakers at the event included the CEOs of Bank o...

Climate Emergency on the Agenda for Wall Street

Sustainability ESG

The focus on sustainability and ESG in 2021 is clear for everyone to see. The rather controversial riots in the U.S., followed on by nationwide protests across Russia was not something we had predicted, though. Climate...

Swiss on a roll with green fintech

Sustainability ESG

When it comes to green fintech, Switzerland is on a roll. The Alpine country is stepping up its support for the fashionable holy union of fintech and sustainable investing, with its Federal Council having launched a Gre...

What Disruptive Trends impacted Banking the most in 2020?

Sustainability ESG

When we started the Editorial plan for 2020 there were some slightly different trends on the agenda than the ones we are seeing today. And, for all that Blockchain has been pushed by many for the last few years as the b...

Why are private asset investors focussing on ESG in 2021?

Sustainability ESG

Reports in the financial news show a large increase in retail investors all across the world so far in 2020. While these investors may not be focusing as much on ESG in 2021, there is a whole other investor landscape th...

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