Swiss on a roll with green fintech

Sustainability ESG

When it comes to green fintech, Switzerland is on a roll. The Alpine country is stepping up its support for the fashionable holy union of fintech and sustainable investing, with its Federal Council having launched a Gre...

What Disruptive Trends impacted Banking the most in 2020?

Sustainability ESG

When we started the Editorial plan for 2020 there were some slightly different trends on the agenda than the ones we are seeing today. And, for all that Blockchain has been pushed by many for the last few years as the b...

Why are private asset investors focussing on ESG in 2021?

Sustainability ESG

Reports in the financial news show a large increase in retail investors all across the world so far in 2020. While these investors may not be focusing as much on ESG in 2021, there is a whole other investor landscape th...

How is Refinitiv preparing a Red Flag for ESG?

Sustainability ESG

A global pandemic or a national lockdown appears to be no barrier to the rising regulations that seem to continue the compliance paper trail for many of the largest corporations around the world, but is it all bad? With...

EU + ESG: set for a great leap forwards?

Sustainability ESG

NFRD. SFDR. GRI. SASB. EFRAG. ESG itself. The initialisms keep coming – and are increasingly front of mind in the banking industry - as the lexicon surrounding environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting evolve...

Can Aladdin’s ESG issues Save the Climate?

Sustainability ESG

Is there a Facebook, UBER, Tesla or Microsoft of Finance? Is there a Google, Netflix, Amazon or Apple of Funds Administration? Apart from some of the familiar investment banking names, there are 3 Main players in the gl...

Sustainability with the UK Wealthtech Kingpins

Sustainability ESG

There are some platforms that far surpass others in watching super trends. One of those super trends is that of sustainability which began with the green bond movement which has been picking up steam from central ba...

The Answer to Climate Change and Poverty?

Sustainability ESG

The environment and how it is quickly changing is burning brightly at the forefront of the collective conscience. From the blazes of the Amazon and Outback seared into our minds to the hundreds of millions expected by t...

3000 pizzas, varied tasks, free trains and PLN 445,000 to win — the third edition of Hackyeah happens in September, and we have free tickets for you!

Sustainability ESG

The third edition of the biggest hackathon in Europe will take place 14-15 September inWarsaw. We’re talking about HackYeah! An interdisciplinary event during which participants are bound to find solutions to the tasks...

Microfinance at BNP Paribas: 30 years on, what are the challenges?

Sustainability ESG

Microfinance is a banking service provided to the unemployed and low-income individuals of society who would otherwise have no other way of access to financial services. BNP Paribas celebrates and reflects on 30 years i...

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