Talking about Innovation with Dr Jeffrey Funk from Singapore


Are StartUps innovating enough? Is it all about cost savings from scale, or have we lost sight of how important breakthrough innovations are? Universities are pushing the StartUp rhetoric, every business school in th...

Sequoia’s Saplings, Robinhood and the rise of the Crypto Hedge Fund


In October 2019 the legend that is Don Valentine passed away in California. His first steps into Venture Capital were back in 1974 when he started working with Atari and Apple, one of which will be very familiar with al...

Talking AI and Chatbots with DruidAI, from Romania #DisruptionChat


There's nothing like starting a Monday morning at 9am sharp with a Mug of Tea and Liviu Dan Dragan, Chairman of DruidAI, talking about how Banca Transilvania are using Druid's Chatbots to help their employees. Liviu...

Tallinn stories: dispatches from Estonia


‘Get out of your garage and meet like-minded start-up people’ urges the Palo Alto Club. The venue is not a hipster hangout in the famous Silicon Valley city that the likes of Tesla and Hewlett-Packard call home. Instead...

Europe follows the herd of….


#snailicorn When attention starts to subside on the enormous economic stimulus – headline figure €750 billion - proposed yesterday by European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, focus will turn to the privat...

Fintech Influencers Weigh in on UK Gov Startup Support


Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland Source: Film Still It appears that for the Queen's birthday today she has given us a present. Dubbed the 'Future Fund', HM Treasury has sought to pledge more than £1 Billion...

A look at the fintech unicorn markets in a 2020 world


In a move as ominous sounding as Bilderberg's topic of 'What next for Europe?' WeWork has begun litigation against its backer, Softbank, for pulling out of a $3 billion share buyback deal. As Matthew Zeitlin of the...

Venture Summit call for Investors and Founders


Special offer:  Register Now & Save $450 off (Use discount code “DBVIP") * Call for Top Innovators Details below  Early Bird rates expire February 13th Venture Summit | West Where Innovation Meets...

The Venture Summit at Silicon Valley is back.


(Press Release) Venture Summit | West Where Innovation Meets Capital March 23rd & 24th  2020 Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley Come meet, interact and network with more than 1,300 VCs...

The Undiscovered FinTech Gems of London Rise


Although it is critical to follow the happenings of large established market players, it is equally important to keep our eyes open to emerging entrants. Take the case of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who rented a Palo...

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