Can Aladdin’s ESG issues Save the Climate?

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Is there a Facebook, UBER, Tesla or Microsoft of Finance? Is there a Google, Netflix, Amazon or Apple of Funds Administration? Apart from some of the familiar investment banking names, there are 3 Main players in the gl...

Klarna launches an Open Banking Platform

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Klarna has announced the launch of its own Open Banking Platform. This platform will enable access to more than 4,300 European banks through a single Access to Account (XS2A) API in line with Payment Services Directive (...

Credit Suisse’s Emerging Consumer Survey 2019

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The Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) published surprising results in their latest Emerging Markets Consumer Survey during this year’s 22nd Asian Investment Conference in Hong Kong. The report, which revealed that...

Crypto Alert Series: Anatomy of a $650k token theft

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This week’s crypto alert of the week is about the hack of a well recognized token worth around $650k at the time. Recently a renowned token (we chose not to name them) was recently hacked and the token team came to Coin...

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