Does Scottish fintech promise the return of ‘Silicon Glen’?


Ask international financiers about Scotland and they’ll probably bring up one of two memories – RBS’ collapse into public ownership during the 2008 Crash; and golfing at Gleneagles. But do you think of Silicon Glen?...

The Rising Tide of Lending – A Market Recovery Mechanism


Due to the impact of COVID-19, the financing sector has seen significant growth, and as a result strengthened its position as one of the key pillars of the FinTech industry. The digitalization of the lending process - f...

Talking about the Second Wave of Challenger Banks with Sync.Money


It's not been an easy 2020 for a lot of Fintechs so far, much of the year has been dominated by contactless payments and the new reality post-Covid. Speaking to Ricky Lee, a true European with both British and Spani...

La French Tech marches on


What do these French companies have in common? Alan, Ivalua, Ledger, October, PayFit, Shift Technology, Wynd and Younited Credit. All eight are members of the ‘Next40’, a selection of hotly tipped firms being champio...

Nice to see EU? Fintechs reach out in Brussels


The establishment of a national trade association is a rite of passage for a growing industry – typically happening when a nascent sector is progressing (metaphorically) from kindergarten to primary school. A European a...

Tallinn stories: dispatches from Estonia


‘Get out of your garage and meet like-minded start-up people’ urges the Palo Alto Club. The venue is not a hipster hangout in the famous Silicon Valley city that the likes of Tesla and Hewlett-Packard call home. Instead...

Nasdaq – Where do Unicorns go to become famous?


In this years' Investor Presentation from April 2020, Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq highlights some of the priorities for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, in short: NASDAQ - underlyin...

Never mind Leipzig, can China deliver?


In three months’ time, China’s formidable president Xi Jinping was due to travel to the German city of Leipzig for a summit hosted by Angela Merkel and including the 26th other EU member state leaders. But September’s s...

Can Aladdin’s ESG issues Save the Climate?


Is there a Facebook, UBER, Tesla or Microsoft of Finance? Is there a Google, Netflix, Amazon or Apple of Funds Administration? Apart from some of the familiar investment banking names, there are 3 Main players in the gl...

Venture Summit Virtual Connect – The Fintech Track


Disruption Banking is pleased to announce its sponsorship and invite you to join us on the dedicated Fintech track at Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global Special offer:  Register Now & Save 20% off Early...

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