El Salvador’s bitcoin adoption raises spectre of totalitarianism


El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin as legal tender bears the hallmarks of totalitarianism rather than financial inclusion, says Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Leg...

Ekstasy launches Starling Bank’s latest integrated campaign – ‘Hello Starling Bank’


08.07.21 - With more than 2 million customers, Starling is growing fast. The campaign showcases Starling’s award-winning app to the UK’s 2 million online banking users and 3.2 million self-employed workers. Starling...

Making the trading business cycle streamlined, with Tradologics


In relation to trading and the economy, the old adage says “what goes up must come down”. Volatility is an inherent part of trading activity, and business cycles are exactly that – cycles. Valuations of assets are in a...

The Payment Revolution in the Age of Crypto


Blockchain, AI, IoT, are permeating their way into our lives, and the older, traditional models and technologies are utilizing them to stay ahead of the innovation curve presented by FinTechs. The age of technology has...

How is DeFi eating traditional finance?


As a result of the substantial growth we have seen in the crypto and DeFi industries over the last year, traditional finance firms such as major banks and hedge funds are seeking greater exposure to the DeFi space. With...

Wise like TransferWise. Why is Wise Going Public in London?


It all started in London when Taavet Hinrikus, Co-Founder of TransferWise, was still working for Skype. Back then he had to pay out his Estonian salary into British pounds. Fees, bad customer service, you name it, he ha...

United Fintech Expands into the US with the Appointment of Mark Lawrence from Goldman Sachs


In an industry that is still at the pioneer stage, it’s never easy to know exactly what skills will be needed in the future. Fintech is one such industry sector, an industry where even experienced international banking...

3F: Future Fintech Framework (Book Review)


“A Vision to Simplify Understanding, Foster Innovation and Accelerate Growth in Fintech.” In January one of the stalwarts of the Fintech Community, Kartik Swaminathan, Founder of, wrote a book called 3F...

Talking about Regional Trends Disrupting Banking at Fintech-Aviv


Each year, the Israeli Tech ecosystem gets louder. Each year, more and more people are gaining awareness of the sophistication of tech coming out of Israel. Each year, the Fintech-Aviv Annual Summit showcases developmen...

The Capital Markets solution, that represents Fintech Rockstars


Despite their heavy investment in technology recently, big investment banks still lag behind Big Tech when it comes to innovation. They are often locked into old systems with overpriced and outdated software providers....

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