How WealthiHer are redressing the imbalance for women


    Inflation is on the horizon, so Gold is bubbling to the fore of investors’ thoughts again, naturally. And while investment has traditionally been a Man’s world, over the last few years things have changed dramatically....

    FinTech ‘Origin’ launches Airbrush in collaboration with LuxSe and Clearstream


    With stories about the recent acquisition of Refinitiv by the London Stock Exchange still trending in the news. It should be no surprise to see that smaller stock exchanges like the ‘Bourse de Luxembourg’ or Luxembourg...

    The Safe Haven – 10 months of using Glint!


    With Inflation on the horizon, fiat currencies are forecasted to devalue, while Gold continues to be the safe option, the safe haven for those who are less trusting of traditional savings plans. Used as a currency fo...

    sync & Nordigen combine to offer Europe’s most advanced budgeting tools


    As consumers, many of us are already familiar with the concept of banks helping us keep track of our card spending. With Open Banking helping new FinTechs grow in this area, it was only a matter of time before companies...

    Smoooth Dogg’s Klarna on the radar for the FCA


    A story appeared on Twitter just over two years ago about how Snoop Dogg, who turned into ‘Smoooth Dogg’, became an investor in Swedish payment provider Klarna. This week, the FCA published a review and the news might n...

    Can digital finance deliver social value to European citizens?


    In our fast-paced lives, we rarely stop to consider in detail the issue of social value when it comes to major transformations in the market economy. Last year’s BBC Reith Lectures, delivered by the former Governor o...

    Digital Fintech Careers – Post-Covid


    In March 2020 the process of digitalisation amongst Banks, Fintech StartUps and all sorts of companies across the world escalated. As some commentators call it: digitalisation on steroids. Once the dust settled a little...

    The Good, the Bad and JPMorgan’s 2020 Results


    Recently called, by commentators, the spokesman for corporate America, Jamie Dimon, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan, is never shy with his opinions. Last week he shared at the #NRF2021 Virt...

    Open Banking’s #BlackFriday, Nordigen launches the first-ever free API platform


    At the tail end of 2019 there were a lot of stories amongst the Open Banking ecosystem about the imminent acquisition by VISA of Plaid, who have an Open Banking platform to access data and make payments. The story start...

    How is Hungary strengthening its Cooperation with Singapore & FinTech?


    When it comes to Hungary most people might think of good wine, the beautiful views of Budapest or perhaps paprika. It’s not necessarily FinTech though. Yesterday the organizers of the Singapore Fintech Festival, the Mon...

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