Can digital finance deliver social value to European citizens?


    In our fast-paced lives, we rarely stop to consider in detail the issue of social value when it comes to major transformations in the market economy. Last year’s BBC Reith Lectures, delivered by the former Governor o...

    Brexit fallout: how is ‘Bankfurt’ doing?


    All being well, this June will see Frankfurt’s Deutsche Bank Park host World Club Dome, one of Europe’s largest electronic dance music festivals. Organisers promise to deliver ‘four days of full madness’ to revellers...

    Can the European Payments Initiative succeed?


    There is a little joke among payments cognoscenti that SEPA – the European Union initiative to harmonise payments across the Eurozone and which stands for Single Euro Payments Area – actually stands for ‘Sending Europea...

    Your Reliable Portfolio Management and Research as a Service Partner, going Global with Scorable


    Companies are getting their strategies together and closing their budgets for 2021, and many of us will be hoping for a better outlook, with recent news of multiple vaccines helping maintain a steady rise in confidence...

    Talking dirty: the EU talks tough on AML


    One recurring curiosity during the pandemic has been the extent to which banknotes are able to transmit coronavirus. Is money ‘dirty’? While opinions differ, what is certain is that tackling a different type of dirty mo...

    Crisis puts shadow banks on regulators’ radars


    Michel Barnier has had his hands full in recent years representing the European Union (EU) in the tortuous Brexit discussions with the bothersome Brits. But before that, he was a European commissioner with a differe...

    La French Tech marches on


    What do these French companies have in common? Alan, Ivalua, Ledger, October, PayFit, Shift Technology, Wynd and Younited Credit. All eight are members of the ‘Next40’, a selection of hotly tipped firms being champio...

    Nice to see EU? Fintechs reach out in Brussels


    The establishment of a national trade association is a rite of passage for a growing industry – typically happening when a nascent sector is progressing (metaphorically) from kindergarten to primary school. A European a...

    EU + ESG: set for a great leap forwards?


    NFRD. SFDR. GRI. SASB. EFRAG. ESG itself. The initialisms keep coming – and are increasingly front of mind in the banking industry - as the lexicon surrounding environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting evolve...

    Never mind Leipzig, can China deliver?


    In three months’ time, China’s formidable president Xi Jinping was due to travel to the German city of Leipzig for a summit hosted by Angela Merkel and including the 26th other EU member state leaders. But September’s s...

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