Talking about ‘Neos’ and Data in Australia with Backbase


Backbase was set up in the Netherlands about 12 years ago and have steadily expanded their business across the world with Australia being their latest market. Malcolm MacNaughtan joins #DisruptionChat to share more...

Talking about FynCom with RoboCash from California


This week's #DisruptionChat is brought to you all the way from Irvine in California where we talk about Nano-deposits and Scam calls with Adrian Garcia, Founder of RoboCash. RoboCash are members of the region's premi...

Talking about Israeli Fintech Innovation with Equitech


Israel punches above its' weight when it comes to the global Fintech economy, FinTech-Aviv is one of the largest Fintech communities globally with over 8,000 members including entrepreneurs, regulators, local financial...

Talking about Innovation with Dr Jeffrey Funk from Singapore


Are StartUps innovating enough? Is it all about cost savings from scale, or have we lost sight of how important breakthrough innovations are? Universities are pushing the StartUp rhetoric, every business school in th...

Talking Luxury Goods and Blockchain with Surge from Italy #DisruptionChat


Every now and again it's good to step out of our Comfort Zone and look at other use cases for disruptive technologies like Blockchain. Especially with travel routes, airport shopping and the High Street reopening....

Talking Self-Driving Finance with Personetics from Israel


Personetics helps Retail Banks become smarter by analyzing real-time customer transaction data to understand customer behavior and better anticipate financial needs. Personetics does this by harnessing the power of A...

Talking AI and Chatbots with DruidAI, from Romania #DisruptionChat


There's nothing like starting a Monday morning at 9am sharp with a Mug of Tea and Liviu Dan Dragan, Chairman of DruidAI, talking about how Banca Transilvania are using Druid's Chatbots to help their employees. Liviu...

Talking Retail Banking and Data with Dateio in Czech Republic


#DisruptionBanking welcomes you to our newest edition of #DisruptionChat where this week we sat down with Ivan Dovica from Dateio to discuss Bunq, Fintech and multi-country Banking Data services that the team are develo...

Talking Quantum Resistant Encryption with QAN Platform from Estonia


#hashrates #quantumcomputing #quantumsupremacy #cryptography #ethereum #quantumresistant #stateofworth #stateofproof #encryption #stateofrandomness #DisruptionBanking welcomes you to our newest edition of #Disruption...

#DisruptionChat – Silicon Valley of the Balkans invites you to WonderlandAI


We would like to welcome you all to the First in a series of Videos with influencers from across the European landscape. With the rise of Lieberland and now WonderlandAI, Serbia is becoming a hotbed of innovation an...

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