The Crypto Diary of a Hodler


The #DisruptionBanking Editorial team submit an entirely fictional account of Jon, the #Bitcoin Hodler. January 2021 Jon had been watching CryptosRUs on YouTube again. He had spent hours following what users had b...

Bank of England publishes Discussion Paper on New Forms of Digital Money


Since April 2020, when the Chinese central bank announced the introduction of the digital yuan, there has been much debate surrounding the concept of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). In the United Kingdom, there...

Full Fat, High Caffeine, Maximum Strength – Britcoin


Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister and anti-capitalist pundit, has found a new avenue for his playful economics. In his novel Another Now, a financial techie opens a wormhole into an alternate universe wher...

The dismal debut IPO of Coinbase


It was touted as the biggest IPO of all time. It SHOULD have been the biggest IPO of all time. And if #bitcoin had shot up, then it may well have been the biggest IPO of all time. Interestingly though, Airbnb IPO’d duri...

Hey Citi, your bitcoin report is NOT embarrassingly bad


It’s not often you get to see the FT openly bashing a global(ly) systematically important bank like Citi. But in March that is what we saw when Citi published it’s bitcoin ‘At the Tipping Point’ report. Whether or not i...

Coinbase’s Listing on Nasdaq signals Crypto adoption


Coinbase recently hit a pre-IPO valuation of $90 billion at a Nasdaq Private Market auction earlier this month, according to a report by Bloomberg. Shares were reported to have traded for $350 each. Although initiall...

Crypto – popular in the US, Russia, Nigeria and a few other countries


In late 2020 we covered a story with TradingView about some of the most popular assets investors were looking at in 2020. Bitcoin trended highest in California for instance, while Tesla won in Texas. https://twitter...

As Bitcoin nears $1 trillion market cap, can comparing Crypto to Forex trading help understand what next?


While many observers have been looking on with astonishment as Bitcoin hit $50,000 this week, others are looking at a different story related to the Currency – how it will imminently have a market cap of $1 trillion....

Cuba, Libya and Syria comprise Top 10 Crypto-loving countries


TradingView, the social charting network for investors and traders – one of the 100 most visited websites in the world thanks to the retail trading boom – has dived into its search and user data to offer unique insight...

Speculative fictions: GameStop, Bitcoin and beyond


Investors are reportedly making fortunes from their sofa using online trading apps to pursue highly speculative assets and trading strategies. Many experts don’t think these are sustainable investment strategies, but th...

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