Celsius Network to Begin Offering Crypto Compound Interest


One of the largest Cryptocurrency lending and savings account companies, Celsius Network, is set to launch compound interest on Crypto deposits from 1st of January. With $450 million in Assets Under Management, more...

Financial Experts Weigh in on Digital Currencies


The Financial News asked the question "Will digital currencies be widely used by 2030?" to a large group of financial industry experts. Their answers are given below. DisruptionBanking gave their responses a weighting o...

If the US$’s World Reserve Status fails, what next?


There have been growing calls that the dollar should be replaced by another reserve currency. DisruptionBanking takes a brief look at what that could be; crypto, gold, CNY or shells? On 22nd July 1944, the Br...

Ether 2.0 “should be capable of surviving World War 3”


Ethereum is an open source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. Released in 2015 by its creators Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Woo...

German banks given legal framework to hold crypto


Financial institutions throughout the EU have been previously barred from directly managing cryptocurrency through legislation, owing to the seeming threat to government coming from terrorism financing, money laundering...

The Fintech Souks of the Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Ambitious Locals An ambitious place, the United Arab Emirates has always been known to make a splash as it’s the ‘biggest of everything’ design methods can attest to. The city of Dubai is one of the best examples of...

The Commodification of Data, Time and Attention


If you’re not paying for it, you might be the product. Throughout history, attention was not sold by those attending, but rather by those that collected it. Some believe that the history of advertising, or the commodifi...

Hungarian Fintech Market Research- DisruptionBanking


Hungary is starting to see a resurgence of innovation in the country, with most startups based in and around Budapest. Although there remain certain hurdles to overcome internally, a great number of companies and invest...

Libra Association’s Press Release on G7 Meeting


The following is a press release by the Libra Association - the group of large corporate entities looking to create a stablecoin (fiat currency to cryptocurrency peg), that will take power away from sovereign states. In...

Binance turns to Coinfirm to address new AML legislation


Binance- - the main worldwide crypo trading exchange and blockchain ecosystem - and Coinfirm- - a innovative RegTech organization - declared their association to address the new rules on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) by t...

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