What About DeFi? With Celo and Chainlink at #SgFinTechFest


It’s been a vigorous first day at the #SgFinTechFest. The Festival has already over-exceeded expectations after the first day. While stablecoins haven’t come up quite as much as at other FinTech events, crypto was out i...

Institutional Investors in DeFi


While inflation fears threaten to spark volatility in financial markets across the world, investors are seeking alternative opportunities to hedge themselves against this risk. As the money locked in decentralised finan...

Kazakhstan needs more energy, regulatory change for Bitcoin mining growth


By David Whitehouse Kazakhstan, which has shot up to second place in a Bitcoin hashrate ranking in the wake of China’s crypto-currency crackdown, will find it hard to sustain the growth without better energy supply a...

From the CFTC to ‘CryptoDad’


5 years ago at a conference like this week’s 2021 ISDA North America Conference, topics like High-Frequency Trading and the Dodd Frank Act would have headlined. This year, ‘CryptoDad’ was discussed in an interview betwe...

Why is First banking on Diem and Celo?


As the dust settled after another invigorating Money2020 there were a few companies who left a big impression. Like First who work with Diem and Celo. When Coinbase’s representative participated in a panel hosted by...

Leveraging data in the fight against fraud


The widespread, pandemic-induced digitisation that has come about in the last year or so is arguably the most significant change that has impacted businesses, and for that matter our daily lives, for many years. Even as...

How should we regulate cryptoexchanges like Binance?


In August we reported that 700 traders are taking Binance to court in Hong Kong in a bid to recover millions of dollars of losses. On 19th May, Binance’s platform suffered from a number of major technical flaws that mea...

Ask Coinbase Anything at Money2020


This year’s Money2020 has seen some slight differences from past editions of the event. This week, different ‘Rockstars are walking Money2020’s stages’, and one of the firms to pull in the crowds is Coinbase. #Disrup...

Why are investors turning to Coinpass?


There is no question that the popularity of cryptocurrencies amongst investors continues its rise. Challenges facing cryptocurrencies continue as well. Just last month #DisruptionBanking covered a story about Binance, a...

Crypto users pledge to buy $30 worth of Bitcoin each in solidarity with El Salvador


Today Bitcoin has become legal tender in El Salvador. With BTC now a parallel legal tender alongside the US Dollar, this development makes the Central American country the first in the world to adopt the cryptocurrency...

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