Is the SEC fallout the end of the road for XRP?


    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently filed a lawsuit against Ripple, a San Francisco based cryptocurrency payment company, for selling unregistered securities. The SEC accuses Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghou...

    Bitcoin Never Sleeps, can the Regulators and Investors afford to?


    The problem with Crypto is that you have very little time to rest. Unlike Tesla shares, Bitcoin’s prices can fluctuate on Saturday night, Friday after work and even on Sunday when you are out taking a walk. Bitcoin Neve...

    As Bitcoin hits record high – are we entering the Paytech Era?


    As the valuation of Bitcoin reached an all-time high of over $20,000 USD today (surpassing the previous record from 2017), it can no longer be ignored just how meaningful cryptocurrencies are. This is a new era of payme...

    Akoin: Sorry, Blame it on the 54+ currencies in Africa


    We suggest you try an Akon Top Hits Compilation in the background for full effect whilst reading today’s piece, try starting with the Lonely song for full effect. Not only for his visionary thoughts on his crypto curren...

    Sequoia’s Saplings, Robinhood and the rise of the Crypto Hedge Fund


    In October 2019 the legend that is Don Valentine passed away in California. His first steps into Venture Capital were back in 1974 when he started working with Atari and Apple, one of which will be very familiar with al...

    SEC vs Telegram: The Battle for decentralization, balance and equality in the world


    On May 12th Pavel Durov, the 35-year-old founder and majority owner of Telegram sometimes referred to as the Russian Mark Zuckerberg, announced on his channel on Telegram that TON was being shut down. He wrote on his ch...

    Fintech Is a Mindset – Gemini’s Julian Sawyer


    Fintech is becoming more of a crossing of emerging technologies, with machine learning, blockchain and digital banking often being utilized by the same organization. Julian Sawyer is an expert well-placed to give hi...

    Celsius Network to Begin Offering Crypto Compound Interest


    One of the largest Cryptocurrency lending and savings account companies, Celsius Network, is set to launch compound interest on Crypto deposits from 1st of January. With $450 million in Assets Under Management, more...

    Financial Experts Weigh in on Digital Currencies


    The Financial News asked the question "Will digital currencies be widely used by 2030?" to a large group of financial industry experts. Their answers are given below. DisruptionBanking gave their responses a weighting o...

    If the US$’s World Reserve Status fails, what next?


    There have been growing calls that the dollar should be replaced by another reserve currency. DisruptionBanking takes a brief look at what that could be; crypto, gold, CNY or shells? On 22nd July 1944, the Br...

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