Alternative Data and Nowcasting are trending amongst central banks, Dow Jones explains why


It is a statement of the obvious to say that market conditions are at historically volatile levels. As the markets initially responded to the outbreak of the pandemic last March, the S&P 500 stock index dropped over...

How banks can avoid compliance-failures, fines, and reputational damage in an age of WhatsApp and Covid-19


2020 has been overshadowed by an epoch-making event few could have predicted, the consequences of which will most likely be felt for the rest of our lives. As the severity of the virus quickly became apparent, much of t...

Will Inflation be the Big Disruptor for Fixed Income in 2021?


With Bitcoin soaring over the festive period, it’s been easy to overlook concerns about Inflation. Should Fixed Income teams in Banks worry about Inflation in 2021? The answer is a definite ‘Yes’. But perhaps not why yo...

The 7 Potentially Disastrous Investments of 2020


It is always a challenge to write a fitting epilogue to a Year, and even more so in the case of the disastrous year that 2020 has been. And, as opposed to some of the other large financial newswires, we won’t tell you a...

Vaccine Day – Why Pfizer’s stock price didn’t shock us as much as COVID-19


This year has been a tough year for the economy. The Covid-19 pandemic struck and led to lockdowns in many countries worldwide to stop the virus’s spread. Many industries were affected, stock prices, small businesses an...

The bonuses on every banker’s Christmas wish list


Top of the City’s Christmas wish list this year is a resumption of normal life. But failing that, a resumption of annual bonuses would be nice. Back in May #DisruptionBanking covered a story about bankers bonuses in 202...

US stocks continue to fluctuate while consumer spending declines


With the Elections still undecided and a record almost 100,000 new Covid-19 cases reported in the US yesterday alone, it is a surprise that Stocks are rebounding, but the rebound may not be anything to celebrate about l...

Negative like Sweden? The case for #NIR


I’ve always wanted to visit Sweden, during the coronavirus outbreak Sweden has been one of the only places in Europe that have actually managed to keep all the pubs open! Albeit the jury is out as to whether or not Swed...

#Covfefe – What’s in a Tweet?


Back in 2017 there was a strange phrase trending on Twitter – the phrase #Covfefe which Trump introduced us to in his first year as President. I thought I would just mention that at the start of this note to make sure w...

The Future – but please don’t make us return to 2015!


When I was young I thought that Doc Brown in Back To The Future was just about the most intelligent person ever with his DeLorian and Flux Capacitor. Even Doc’s dog was kitted with all sorts of gadge...

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