The bonuses on every banker’s Christmas wish list


    Top of the City’s Christmas wish list this year is a resumption of normal life. But failing that, a resumption of annual bonuses would be nice. Back in May #DisruptionBanking covered a story about bankers bonuses in 202...

    US stocks continue to fluctuate while consumer spending declines


    With the Elections still undecided and a record almost 100,000 new Covid-19 cases reported in the US yesterday alone, it is a surprise that Stocks are rebounding, but the rebound may not be anything to celebrate about l...

    Negative like Sweden? The case for #NIR


    I’ve always wanted to visit Sweden, during the coronavirus outbreak Sweden has been one of the only places in Europe that have actually managed to keep all the pubs open! Albeit the jury is out as to whether or not Swed...

    #Covfefe – What’s in a Tweet?


    Back in 2017 there was a strange phrase trending on Twitter – the phrase #Covfefe which Trump introduced us to in his first year as President. I thought I would just mention that at the start of this note to make sure w...

    The Future – but please don’t make us return to 2015!


    When I was young I thought that Doc Brown in Back To The Future was just about the most intelligent person ever with his DeLorian and Flux Capacitor. Even Doc’s dog was kitted with all sorts of gadge...

    Basel III – Enough Risk in Quantland


    The Bank for International Settlements (BIS)’s annual general meeting traditionally takes place in Basel during the final week of June. This year will be its 90th such occasion. But how the gathering will happen un...



    It was refreshing to listen to Sky News and the BBC both interview Beata Javorcik @BJavorcik over the weekend. Beata warns us that ‘the world is facing unprecedented change and in order to avoid a return to the 1930s, w...

    More Turbulent Times in Quant Land – The Game of Life


    Our last Article mentioned how Dr Emanuel Derman had suggested that Models were like Metaphors, turbulent ones sometimes. And today we wanted to explore a few of these metaphors to see if we can find the most “Hidden” Q...

    “Pining for the Fjords, and something Completely Different”


    Since the 17th of November 2019 there has been a new reality for all of us to live in. Back then, on the 17th of November 2019, there was a different world trending on Twitter than we are seeing today. Anything from...

    Breaking The Copper Jar, A Demand Side Case for UBI


    There have been growing calls from around the world about the essential need for Universal Basic Income (UBI) in response to the economic paralysis caused by the government response and social panic to the novel coronav...

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