Making the trading business cycle streamlined, with Tradologics

Capital Markets

In relation to trading and the economy, the old adage says “what goes up must come down”. Volatility is an inherent part of trading activity, and business cycles are exactly that – cycles. Valuations of assets are in a...

Consumer Price Index shows inflation growth, could interest rates be next?

Capital Markets

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measure of inflation was released today, showing that the rate of inflation in the UK has jumped to 2.1% in the year to May. This was above market forecasts of around 1.8% and is slightly...

United Fintech Expands into the US with the Appointment of Mark Lawrence from Goldman Sachs

Capital Markets

In an industry that is still at the pioneer stage, it’s never easy to know exactly what skills will be needed in the future. Fintech is one such industry sector, an industry where even experienced international banking...

Another Tech firm IPO, but is UiPath just another Tech firm?

Capital Markets

Things have dramatically changed in robotics since the first showing of Star Wars back in 1977. For many of us the iconic R2D2 and C-3PO were probably the first robots that we ever saw. A few years ago Saudi Arabia gran...

The dismal debut IPO of Coinbase

Capital Markets

It was touted as the biggest IPO of all time. It SHOULD have been the biggest IPO of all time. And if #bitcoin had shot up, then it may well have been the biggest IPO of all time. Interestingly though, Airbnb IPO’d duri...

Why is the Bank of Japan changing its approach to QE?

Capital Markets

Less than two weeks ago the Bank of Japan (BoJ) announced it is to abandon its 6 trillion yen annual target for the purchase of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Whilst retaining the upper 12 trillion yen limit to what it c...

Stock Markets in China look Bearish, should you worry?

Capital Markets

Many of us have been observing the dip in equities markets in China this week. Stock Markets in Hong Kong and Shanghai have both been dropping on consecutive days, while Shenzhen has also dropped, although not as badly....

Interest Rates held by the Federal Reserve, market reactions

Capital Markets

Yesterday the Federal Reserve issued the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) statement. In the statement it focused on Interest rates going forward and protecting U.S. economic growth.

Disruption or Democratisation? Can Elizabeth Warren help “democratize finance”?

Capital Markets

With Joe Biden having taken office as president in January and Democrats having gained a slight majority in the Senate, in addition to their majority in the House of Representatives, Democrats face little obstacles to d...

FinTech ‘Origin’ launches Airbrush in collaboration with LuxSe and Clearstream

Capital Markets

With stories about the recent acquisition of Refinitiv by the London Stock Exchange still trending in the news. It should be no surprise to see that smaller stock exchanges like the ‘Bourse de Luxembourg’ or Luxembourg...

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