“Approved for Business” in China, and Ant Group’s $35 billion IPO

Capital Markets

You would be forgiven for thinking during these volatile times that many things that are ‘Tech’ will continue their momentum for the foreseeable future. Nothing else points to this more than the imminent listing of Ant...

DESCO where computing and finance intersect

Capital Markets

Many people know of D. E. Shaw and Co. because of the fact that Jeff Bezos once worked there. Fewer know that the firm is one of the five highest-grossing hedge funds of all time. Others from among their alumni are John...

A View To A Coffee #suisse

Capital Markets

Switzerland is home to two internationally renowned Banks – UBS and Credit Suisse. UBS is the largest wealth manager in the world (according to the FT) with over $2.3 trillion in assets under management. Even though mar...

Nasdaq – Where do Unicorns go to become famous?

Capital Markets

In this years' Investor Presentation from April 2020, Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq highlights some of the priorities for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, in short: NASDAQ - underlyin...

Central Banks Respond to Desperate Markets

Capital Markets

European Central Bank boss Christine Lagarde came under fire yesterday as she appeared to panic markets at an ECB press statement by saying that “we are not here to close [bond] spreads, there are other tools and other...

The Weekend that Shook the World and the Exit of the Bull

Capital Markets

This Monday, widely being labelled as 'Black Monday', saw large numbers of U.S. stock-market sectors entering a bear market (defined as a 20% drop from a recent high) after major European and Asian indexes similarly dro...

Another Rollercoaster Week in Capital Markets : Volatility Expected to Become Norm

Capital Markets

As the COVID-19 Black Swan continues to roil markets, traders brace for a return to the volatile days of '01 and '08 as the disruption claims its first corporate victim: Flybe. An emergency 50 BPS rate cut by the Fe...

Why Wealth Management Firms are Swallowing Brokerages

Capital Markets

Last week Friday, it was officially announced that the Wall Street giant Morgan Stanley was buying E*TRADE in a deal worth $13 billion. The combination will significantly increase the scale and breadth of Morgan Sta...

Broker eToro launches Dividend-focused portfolio

Capital Markets

eToro, the multi-asset investment platform, has launched a portfolio comprising stocks that have consistently paid investors a dividend over the past 20 years. The DividendGrowth Portfolio makes investing in dividend st...

NASDAQ at the TradeTech FX in Miami on it’s technology

Capital Markets

In line with Nasdaq’s continued effort to demonstrate the power of it's Execution Platforms, Carl Slesser and Scott Richard presented on the topic of Technology as a Differentiator at the TradeTech FX conference in Miam...

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