NatWest’s Unwelcome Surprise for the City of London


    For many of us this story may have come as somewhat of an unwelcome surprise. Many observers woke up this morning only to see their feeds filled with stories about criminal proceedings being instigated by the Financial...

    APAC banks race to revitalize innovation initiatives as the pandemic reveals digital gaps – Backbase


    ● Digital banks experienced over 300% customer base growth compared to traditional incumbents● 60% of APAC banks will leverage AI/ML technologies for data-driven decisions● 44% of the top 250 banks across APAC will work...

    How the grandmasters of machine learning can keep you competitive in a new era of quantitative finance


    When Sir Francis Bacon in 1597 put to paper the age-old aphorism that “knowledge is power”, he could not have anticipated quite how powerful intelligence and data would become, and how the nature of knowledge itself has...

    Big regulation for BigTech?


    From Basel and Brussels to Brasilia and Beijing, regulators have become increasingly twitchy about the world’s biggest technology companies – ‘BigTech’ – disrupting banking.The expansion of the celebrated US-born GAFA q...

    How can banks better address ALM in 2021?


    The Covid-19 pandemic continues to create many challenges for corporate governance teams. With ongoing lockdown restrictions meaning the vast majority of traders are currently working from home, it is very difficult for...

    The Puzzle of the Japanese Yen’s Safe-Haven status


    There is currently a considerable amount of market optimism surrounding the performance of Japanese stocks. The Nikkei 225 – the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s price-weighted index that is calculated daily by the Nihon Keizai S...

    Reputation vs Value? How did Banks rank in the last 12 months


    Brand Value of World’s Largest Banks Contracts for Second Year Running but Reputation Redemption Could Signal Road to Recovery in Pandemic Aftermath (Press Release): Every year, Brand Finance puts 5,000 of the bigges...

    Innovation in Illiquid Credit Portfolio Management solutions


    The subject of Illiquid Credit is perhaps not popular on many news channels, but it is an area of investment banking that is open to innovation just like many others. Investment banking that is often linked to Real E...

    Climate Emergency on the Agenda for Wall Street


    The focus on sustainability and ESG in 2021 is clear for everyone to see. The rather controversial riots in the U.S., followed on by nationwide protests across Russia was not something we had predicted, though. Climate...

    The Good, the Bad and JPMorgan’s 2020 Results


    Recently called, by commentators, the spokesman for corporate America, Jamie Dimon, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan, is never shy with his opinions. Last week he shared at the #NRF2021 Virt...

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