Hey Citi, your bitcoin report is NOT embarrassingly bad

Investment Banking

It’s not often you get to see the FT openly bashing a global(ly) systematically important bank like Citi. But in March that is what we saw when Citi published it’s bitcoin ‘At the Tipping Point’ report. Whether or not i...

The Seven Most Influential Disruptors of Investment Banking in 2021 so Far

Investment Banking

Disruptors can come in many different forms or shapes. They can be individuals or things including trends, and even social media groups. In our story today, we discuss the seven major influential disruptors of investme...

‘Work from Home’ or not – the Question that Banks and Big Tech face in the Post-Covid Era

Investment Banking

During the last few weeks many people’s feeds were filled with stories about disgruntled junior employees at Goldman Sachs. How much of that is due to the need to ‘Work from Home’, how much of it is specific to banks, a...

How much disruption will Bill Hwang’s Archegos cause Nomura and Credit Suisse?

Investment Banking

While the dust is still settling around the Greensill saga, today another story hit the Banking Industry. Bloomberg reported that Nomura said in a statement in Tokyo today that the estimated amount of its claim against...

The Puzzle of the Japanese Yen’s Safe-Haven status

Investment Banking

There is currently a considerable amount of market optimism surrounding the performance of Japanese stocks. The Nikkei 225 – the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s price-weighted index that is calculated daily by the Nihon Keizai S...

Innovation in Illiquid Credit Portfolio Management solutions

Investment Banking

The subject of Illiquid Credit is perhaps not popular on many news channels, but it is an area of investment banking that is open to innovation just like many others. Investment banking that is often linked to Real E...

Will Inflation be the Big Disruptor for Fixed Income in 2021?

Investment Banking

With Bitcoin soaring over the festive period, it’s been easy to overlook concerns about Inflation. Should Fixed Income teams in Banks worry about Inflation in 2021? The answer is a definite ‘Yes’. But perhaps not why yo...

Why was 2020 Great for Investment Banking?

Investment Banking

For all its challenges, 2020 was a great year for Investment Banking. JP Morgan kept top spot, while Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse both continued to do exceptionally in equities markets, according to a report in the F...

The bonuses on every banker’s Christmas wish list

Investment Banking

Top of the City’s Christmas wish list this year is a resumption of normal life. But failing that, a resumption of annual bonuses would be nice. Back in May #DisruptionBanking covered a story about bankers bonuses in 202...

Your Reliable Portfolio Management and Research as a Service Partner, going Global with Scorable

Investment Banking

Companies are getting their strategies together and closing their budgets for 2021, and many of us will be hoping for a better outlook, with recent news of multiple vaccines helping maintain a steady rise in confidence...

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