Why are Banks spending so Much on Tech?


    The disruption that technological innovation has caused to the banking industry is unquestionable. Large global banks are investing in technology on a scale unparalleled by many companies in most sectors outside of BigT...

    The Tech Investor making waves on Wall Street


    Cathie Wood has become (in)famous as one of the most disruptive investors on Wall Street. A seemingly affable figure who openly discusses her investment strategies on YouTube and numerous social media platforms, Cathie...

    Bank of America Increases Environmental Business Initiative Target to $1 Trillion by 2030


    Significant Increase from $300 Billion Target by 2030 set in 2019 Company Also Sets Broader SDG-Focused Sustainable Finance Target of $1.5 Trillion by 2030 Bank of America today announced a goal of deploying and m...

    Hey Citi, your bitcoin report is NOT embarrassingly bad


    It’s not often you get to see the FT openly bashing a global(ly) systematically important bank like Citi. But in March that is what we saw when Citi published it’s bitcoin ‘At the Tipping Point’ report. Whether or not i...

    The Seven Most Influential Disruptors of Investment Banking in 2021 so Far


    Disruptors can come in many different forms or shapes. They can be individuals or things including trends, and even social media groups. In our story today, we discuss the seven major influential disruptors of investme...

    ‘Work from Home’ or not – the Question that Banks and Big Tech face in the Post-Covid Era


    During the last few weeks many people’s feeds were filled with stories about disgruntled junior employees at Goldman Sachs. How much of that is due to the need to ‘Work from Home’, how much of it is specific to banks, a...

    How much disruption will Bill Hwang’s Archegos cause Nomura and Credit Suisse?


    While the dust is still settling around the Greensill saga, today another story hit the Banking Industry. Bloomberg reported that Nomura said in a statement in Tokyo today that the estimated amount of its claim against...

    Why is the Bank of Japan changing its approach to QE?


    Less than two weeks ago the Bank of Japan (BoJ) announced it is to abandon its 6 trillion yen annual target for the purchase of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Whilst retaining the upper 12 trillion yen limit to what it c...

    Alternative Data and Nowcasting are trending amongst central banks, Dow Jones explains why


    It is a statement of the obvious to say that market conditions are at historically volatile levels. As the markets initially responded to the outbreak of the pandemic last March, the S&P 500 stock index dropped over...

    Brexit fallout: Luxembourg sweats its assets


    There was once a time when Luxembourg was associated in the UK with transmitting popular music across the English Channel via Radio Luxembourg. More than half a century on, the radio station is no more and financial ser...

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