The Capital Markets solution, that represents Fintech Rockstars


Despite their heavy investment in technology recently, big investment banks still lag behind Big Tech when it comes to innovation. They are often locked into old systems with overpriced and outdated software providers....

Brexit fallout: Dublin ‘winning’… but are we all losing?


As day turned into night on 23 June 2016, Dublin’s politicos headed to McGrattans pub to watch the results of the UK’s referendum on European Union membership broadcast across the Irish Sea. The gathering, held at th...

How are digital challenger banks enticing retail consumers?


Perhaps the single biggest obstacle to success for any digital challenger bank is the need to disrupt the well-established financial behaviour of their potential clients. Arguably, consumers are instinctively inclined t...

Deutsche Bank signs global partnership with payments technology provider Silverflow


New partnership includes card acquiring & BIN-sponsorship for cloud-based card acceptance solutionsInitial solutions available for corporate banking clients in Germany and payment service providers (PSPs) across Eur...

Islamic finance needs to do more to stand out from the crowd


Islamic finance needs to show greater ambition and become more distinctive if it is to realise its potential for global growth. Selling products that may be packaged differently from those available through conventio...

How can Traditional Banks improve Operational Efficiency?


Banks across the world are fighting to strengthen their positions. Digital transformation during Covid-19 has been essential. Banks all over the world have mastered some sort of digital sophistication over the last 12 m...

As fintech gets hot, is central banking becoming cool?


‘Move fast and break things’ was famously Facebook’s mantra in its early years. Such an edgy outlook, championed personally by founder Mark Zuckerberg, sat well with the disruptive digital world – and continues to do so...

How bad is Biden’s Tax Plan for Wall Street?


It was easy to predict that taxes would be increased in 2021. Biden made no effort to hide his intentions with regards to taxing the wealthy during his election campaign. Trump had himself campaigned on lower taxes,...

Full Fat, High Caffeine, Maximum Strength – Britcoin


Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister and anti-capitalist pundit, has found a new avenue for his playful economics. In his novel Another Now, a financial techie opens a wormhole into an alternate universe wher...

What were the biggest takeaways from SunTec Confluence 2021?


This year’s SunTec Confluence was online. The last event was in 2019, when  the event was held in Dubai at the prestigious Palazzo Versace with keynote speakers including Chris Skinner:

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