The Regulator and the Algorithms

    Artificial Intelligence

    You don’t need to have a degree in macro economics to know that algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence are still treated by some as a step into the unknown. It's not just Financial Institutions, but al...

    Talking Self-Driving Finance with Personetics from Israel

    Artificial Intelligence

    Personetics helps Retail Banks become smarter by analyzing real-time customer transaction data to understand customer behavior and better anticipate financial needs. Personetics does this by harnessing the power of A...

    Google’s Anthos continues to grow Cloud market share, why are Banks choosing them?

    Artificial Intelligence

    Not many businesses grew by over 50% in 2019. Not many of them will show a similar growth figure in 2020 either. When it comes to the Cloud though, these are numbers that are very normal, and its’ not the first time tha...

    Talking AI and Chatbots with DruidAI, from Romania #DisruptionChat

    Artificial Intelligence

    There's nothing like starting a Monday morning at 9am sharp with a Mug of Tea and Liviu Dan Dragan, Chairman of DruidAI, talking about how Banca Transilvania are using Druid's Chatbots to help their employees. Liviu...

    What would Junius Spencer Morgan make of Cloud and Artificial Intelligence?

    Artificial Intelligence

    Junius Spencer Morgan, the father of John Pierpont Morgan of JP Morgan passed away in 1890, little did Junius know that 130 years later modern banking would have to face so much of what even to him must be considered “d...

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