Inside Accenture’s London FinTech Innovation Lab


Meet Accenture's 2019 cohort ready to shape tomorrow's technology. Globally, Accenture’s FinTech Innovation lab has achieved some impressive results, incubating 184 startups, and raising $1,464m since it’s 2012 inception...

Hackathons: Tapping into Tech Talent


Time-limited events in which teams of developers compete to address challenges and provide solutions to complex problems – are proving to be a great method of bringing top talent to the fore, not least in the field of fi...

Revolut reveals its latest European target


Revolut's European Target  With the market nearing saturation point, many challenger banks are becoming satisfied with breaking even at the end of year, but not London’s favourite fintech app. Despite a European custo...

The Chain of Dragons: BTC in the PRC


Bitcoin in China has had a turbulent time in the past few years, but recent developments mean it is now legal to trade and own the cryptocurrency in the country – a move that could mark the dawn of a new era for Bitcoin...

What is key to transformation on a corporate level?


No one is clueless to the difficulties which make change of any kind a slow-moving process in the legacy sector of finance. But, according to some, a touch of persuasive creativity may be the missing ingredient when&nbsp...

Raisin talks talent recruitment and the secret to bank relationships


In enabling access to continent-wide investment products for savers across Europe, Raisin has demonstrated a model for successful partnership between startups and the banking sector. In enabling access to continent-wide...

Joining the Conversation


Banking, like every other industry, is feeling the pressure to adjust to the age of instant gratification. This need for immediate delivery and satisfaction is pushing out old systems and practices to replace them with n...

What an industry could learn from a crypto exchange break-in


As recent hacks into crypto exchanges have shown, the methods of cyber criminals change rapidly, and firms require constant vigilance and planning to defend against their attacks. Rob Dartnall, Director of Intelligence a...

The impact of automation on jobs in the financial sector


As electronically driven workforces become a reality, employees ask themselves at what rate will their job sector be affected.  Brickendon CEO Christopher Burke considers the future impact of automation and robotics on...

Quants, the hidden superstars of finance


The disruptive change in the world of banking and finance over recent years can perhaps be most exemplified in the increasing use of algorithms in automating decision-making processes. Behind these complex sets of rules...

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