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Fintech Nation: Ukraine

August 12, 2019

From a country dominated by conflict and political turmoil to the location of one of Eastern Europe’s fastest-developing IT industries, Ukraine is enjoying increasing rewards from local fintech innovation Across East...

Budapest’s most sought after UX creator

August 12, 2019

Ignatius Bowskill interviews Dr András Rung, CEO and founder of Budapest-based UX designers Ergomania, on their rise from two-man-startup to leading partner for banks and fintechs across Europe. Ergomania’s team has...

“Forget protecting banks with the tools they already have.”

August 12, 2019

Why does it still seem so easy for cybercrime to occur? Yaron Hazan, financial crimes expert at ThetaRay, speaks to Fiona McFarlane about the the cyber security dilemma which means firms are bound to broken into (again...

Inside Standard Chartered’s eXellerator

August 12, 2019

Bank accelerators typically tap the startup world for their next ideas, but not Standard Chartered. Fiona McFarlane sits down with man in charge Dominic Maffei, SC Ventures Lead for Financial Markets and UK/EU, at the...

Paykey on helping banks ‘get in’ with social media payments

August 12, 2019

Mobile payment apps have played a major part in the fintech revolution so far, but the sudden turn towards social media payments threw banks off guard. As a result, the integration of banking with social media, shopping...

11:FS asks the questions which really matter

August 12, 2019

As new fintech companies take an increasing market share, David M Brear, Group CEO, 11:FS, lyrically considers the questions that incumbents should ask themselves as they develop new services in response There has be...

FACEBOOK and the future of money

August 12, 2019

The recent announcement of Facebook’s plans to launch its own digitalcurrency, Libra, in the early part of next year has sent shockwaves through the financial world and raised questions about the future of currency in t...

Alior Bank kickstarts acceptance of Open Banking in Poland with RBL_START Meetup

August 1, 2019

Despite being classified as a "digital transformation champion" Poland's adoption of Open Banking has been slower than most. To put things into perspective: third parties in Poland allegedly have access to less than 5...

Fintech flies the flag in Lithuania

May 31, 2019

As countries across Europe battle for their share of the accelerating fintechsector, Lithuania has emerged as one of the front runners. The number of fintech firms based in the country has swelled from just 10 in 2015 t...

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