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The largest conspiracy in Europe, HackYeah


At HackYeah the facilities that the hackathon encompassed stretched beyond the imagination. To such an extent that the Polish government felt it necessary to point a tank at the building.  A hackathon is...

Hackathons: Tapping into Tech Talent


Time-limited events in which teams of developers compete to address challenges and provide solutions to complex problems – are proving to be a great method of bringing top talent to the fore, not least in the field of fi...

Joining the Conversation


Banking, like every other industry, is feeling the pressure to adjust to the age of instant gratification. This need for immediate delivery and satisfaction is pushing out old systems and practices to replace them with n...

What an industry could learn from a crypto exchange break-in


As recent hacks into crypto exchanges have shown, the methods of cyber criminals change rapidly, and firms require constant vigilance and planning to defend against their attacks. Rob Dartnall, Director of Intelligence a...

Stockholm: Sweden’s Fintech Hub


Back in the 1990s, Sweden began investing heavily in its technology infrastructure. The government wanted all households and businesses across the country to have access to IT infrastructure and broadband to create ‘an i...

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