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Comrade Britney Calls for Wealth Redistribution


Britney Spears has come forefront to central bankers' minds (providing they keep instauptodate) for calling for the redistribution of wealth and a general strike. She is unquestionably "just a girl with the ability to d...

Fintech, Cash and Complexity Economics


A few serious issues with the current virus doing the rounds across the globe is the difficulty of stopping its spread from person to person owing to the fact that the novel coronavirus is; asymptomatic in that one fift...

Devastating Losses in Markets and Pensions


It has been an eventful week in financial markets, which seems to be becoming the new norm. In the past week the DJI has printed under 20,000 twice, hitting 18,915 Wednesday and Thursday. A -36% move from the peak o...

Breaking The Copper Jar, A Demand Side Case for UBI


There have been growing calls from around the world about the essential need for Universal Basic Income (UBI) in response to the economic paralysis caused by the government response and social panic to the novel coronav...

The Economic and Market Disruptions of COVID-19


As the COVID-19 Black Swan pandemic continues to hit global markets, disrupt trade lines and wreck destruction wherever it goes, we wanted to take a closer examination of the economic and market forecasts that are comin...

Coronavirus vs Singapore – a Digital Nomad’s perspective


For over 3 weeks I travelled through Asia and several other European countries. I was surprised that no coronavirus-related controls were carried out in countries such as Sweden, Germany or my native Poland. As one of t...

What Fintech Influencers have to say about COVID-19


The COVID-19, officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization yesterday, has everyone talking, and worried. Fintech influencers were no different. Here's what they had to say. Chris Gledhill offered h...

A Rude Awakening for Investors – BIS’ QR1


The Bank for International Settlements (the Central Banker's Central Bank) released their Quarterly Review for Q1 at the beginning of this month. This report comes hot at the heels of the fastest market correction in S&...

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