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Crisis puts shadow banks on regulators’ radars

Michel Barnier has had his hands full in recent years representing the European Union (EU) in the tortuous Brexit discussions with the bothersome Brits. Bu...

“Approved for Business” in China, and Ant Group’s $35 billion IPO

You would be forgiven for thinking during these volatile times that many things that are ‘Tech’ will continue their momentum for the foreseeable future. Nothin...

Women disrupting the business of disruption: Neha Mehta


Jane Fraser’s appointment as the first female CEO on Wall Street has sparked the gender debate across the finance sector. Fintech StartUps are no exception....

Can Jane Fraser give Citi a “fresh look”?


Jane Fraser has been celebrated in the press this month for her appointment as Citibank’s new CEO. She’s the first female executive of a major Wall Street bank...

#backtowork But is it Business as Usual?


I still remember waking up to the Lockdown world in March, to be welcomed to the new reality by David Brear’s #TheBreakfastShow, now also available in the US....

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