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“Responsible” alternative investing with AIMA

The phrase “responsible investment” justifiably raises an eyebrow in the alternative investment world. The prospect of receiving a poor ESG rating by Moody’s o...

Qatar Fintech Accelerator & Sync. expands into the Middle East


A few weeks ago we brought our readers an exclusive interview with Ricky Lee of sync. where he gave us a sneak preview into some of the plans of sync. Today we...

Algorithmic Trading with 8topuz Wealth Management

We last visited algorithmic trading last month when discussing global regulators’ efforts to manage its integration into the trading landscape. The Security an...

Collaboration and the future of digital banking: Elina Mattila at Mobey Forum


As established financial institutions seek to reclaim their market share over and above fintech disruptors, they need knowledge as well as capital. Collaborati...

Talking about Regulations & Technology with NICE Actimize

We have seen huge fluctuations in capital markets throughout 2020. To keep the markets open throughout the lockdown, companies had to move masses of employees...

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