The One-Stop Shop for getting into the Fintech game, Peak

December 13, 2019

A running discussion amongst the Fintech community is whether new Fintech startups will ‘eat the lunch’ of large Financial Institutions (FI), or would the relationship between the two more resemble a partnership with th...

The Digital Banking Era, an Expert’s Opinion

November 22, 2019

The race of the digital banking age is heating up and shows little signs of abating. From a growth perspective, the global digital banking market was valued at approximately $6.6 billion last year and is expected to gen...

Consilience Ventures, where investor, founder and expert are equals

November 7, 2019

Start-up founders often spend more time attempting to raise capital than actually building their business and investors that provide funding are regularly left with sleepless nights owing to the high-risk nature of inve...

The very 1st Rejected Loan Application Marketplace

November 5, 2019

One of the best aspects of FinTech is not just that more people are able to take part in the economy (banking the unbanked), but that FinTech can erase market inefficiencies. DisruptionBanking interviewed Yaroslav Dubov...

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