The Venture Summit West Virtual Connect


Disruption Banking is pleased to sponsor and invite you to join us virtually in real time for Venture Summit | West Special offer:  Register Now and Save 20% off (Use discount code “DBVIP")  Meet, conn...

Switzerland : A Safe Haven Jurisdiction Twice Over


Well known for being a safe haven jurisdiction during times of global crisis and economic contractions, Switzerland is having its moment in the spotlight. This was demonstrated clearly when the Financial Times report...

Fintech, Cash and Complexity Economics


A few serious issues with the current virus doing the rounds across the globe is the difficulty of stopping its spread from person to person owing to the fact that the novel coronavirus is; asymptomatic in that one fift...

First Fintechs Fall : Funding Circle backs out of Europe


Some say that all this market madness in funding for startups came to a brutal halt in the implosion of WeWork. The latest business that has decided to retreat back into core markets is Funding Circle. In its financ...

What Fintech Influencers have to say about COVID-19


The COVID-19, officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization yesterday, has everyone talking, and worried. Fintech influencers were no different. Here's what they had to say. Chris Gledhill offered h...

In securities, APIs are the new oil


In a podcast with The Block, Marty Chavez – co-head of the securities division at Goldman Sachs and formerly a data scientist on the oil desk – takes us through a history of major strategic and technological development...

‘Evolve or Die’ Says Fintech Challenger Bruc Bond


In February 2020, a McKinsey report indicated that reinvention of the banking system is crucial for the livelihood of the sector. Following the report, Bruc Bond, a leading business banking firm, has today issued a s...

The Symphony : 7 Types of WealthTech Instruments


As the digital disruptive wave of 'fintech' progresses, an ever increasing number of financial instruments are becoming available at the download of an app. We compiled a list of seven separate types of platforms tha...

MoneyGram Enables Customers to Send Money Directly to a Phone Number


MoneyGram, a global leader in cross-border P2P payments and money transfers, announced the launch of MoneyGram FastSend, a new service through which consumers can send money quickly and easily to their friend's mobile p...

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