44 Proof of Concepts later: A journey through ING’s DLT with Mariana Gomez de la Villa

January 8, 2020

When it comes to experimenting with DLT, ING Bank seems to always be ahead of the pack. Whilst the lion’s share of banks gave decentralized technology a wide berth, ING saw its pole position in tomorrow’s world and trea...

The Human Cost to Technological Innovation

December 30, 2019

At DisruptionBanking we primarily cover Fintech, a definition aimed at squaring ‘financial technology’. But the applications and systems (the software) that these innovations run on need devices and data storage (the ha...

The Fintech Souks of the Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

November 20, 2019

Ambitious Locals An ambitious place, the United Arab Emirates has always been known to make a splash as it’s the ‘biggest of everything’ design methods can attest to. The city of Dubai is one of the best examples of...

Consilience Ventures, where investor, founder and expert are equals

November 7, 2019

Start-up founders often spend more time attempting to raise capital than actually building their business and investors that provide funding are regularly left with sleepless nights owing to the high-risk nature of inve...

How a Healthy Supply can Meat a Growing Demand

November 3, 2019

“These four things kept coming back to me: human health, climate change, natural resource, and animal welfare implications of using animals for meat. And what fascinated me is that you can simultaneously tackle all thes...

Hungarian Fintech Market Research- DisruptionBanking

October 23, 2019

Hungary is starting to see a resurgence of innovation in the country, with most startups based in and around Budapest. Although there remain certain hurdles to overcome internally, a great number of companies and invest...

October 2019 Global Financial Stability Report – IMF

October 17, 2019

Key Vulnerabilities in the Global Financial System • Rising corporate debt burdens • Increasing holdings of riskier and more illiquid assets by institutional investors • Greater reliance on external borrowing by emergin...

The Masters & Robots event is back: but who claims the true crown, man or machine?

October 4, 2019

Don`t miss the future! Technological business challenges - ticket sales have started at Masters & Robots 2019 Artificial intelligence, data analytics, biotechnology, robotics, digital transformation, building agi...

The Disruptive Market of Hong Kong,

September 13, 2019

How Asia’s largest financial centre, the Fragrant Harbour, went from the ‘Gateway of China’ to a burning hot pot fighting for a new future and why it will be a place to do business for decades to come. This is part o...

Watches tick up, while jewels lose their shine

September 6, 2019

The Royal Bank of Scotland has taken a look at the Coutts Passion Index to let you know what is hot and what is not. Below are their remarks on the valuable assets index; RBS 2/9/2019 - The 4th edition of the Cou...

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